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We got our battle scars today (well mine is more like a lump)

Giving life hurts. For real, ask your mother how pleasant her experience was.

Fighting for life by riding a bike also has the potential to hurt a little.

I was aware of the pain I might experience before I started this ride, but I must admit I did not mentally prepare for today. IT WAS HORRIBLE! a totally awesome manifestation of the horrific reality of abortion. A mini manifestation but enough to make me cry. Yes, I cried today, only for a second. Actually I don’t even know because my whole face was dripping wet from the rain. I was cold. Really cold.

The day started off great. We had a great breakfast, went to mass, received a blessing and was sent off with the cheering of a crowd of grammer school children and their teachers.

BUT THEN!! it started to get really windy, 30mph winds. Then it started to rain

Then Mike ran into John Paul’s car because the rain slowed his breaking speed. (it was funny)

Then I ran into John Paul’s car cause I couldn’t break because my hands were frozen. (funny, but kinda scary)

After about 5 hours of pain, I remembered something I learned in school (that doesn’t happen very often) about hypothermia. I know that we had only ridden 75 miles in the freezing cold with at this time 50mph headwind even though we were suppose to ride 115. But I figured it would be very selfish for me to waste the biking for babies money on an ambulance. When John Paul finally forced me in the car (maybe forced is a strong word) I couldn’t stop shaking, and my teeth were violently chattering. IT WAS SO COOL!!! I did feel bad about wimping out, but I tried, my body just wasn’t going to take any more. BUT….

Mike kept going! YAY Mike! But then after a couple miles he started to go backwards because of the wind.  So, he also begrudgingly surrendered to the harsh health hindering conditions and crawled in the car.

We’ll add the mileage to another day.

I’m going to bed,



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