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Rider to Support: A Journey of Love and Letting Go

by Grace Berger, 2nd year missionary (support crew on Eastern Route)

This year I had signed up to RIDE once again with the Biking for Babies organization to raise awareness for the Pro-Life cause in honor of my own biological mother who chose life and for the mothers who are currently experiencing the same situation. 

I was ready, and excited, to put the miles in, work on my weaknesses, and practice climbing those hills…when an unexpected hill appeared. 

My right arm and upper body had started going numb and the miles of work I had put in had to come to a halt. Two MRI’s, a CT scan, and numerous doctor visits led to no answers and a frustrated heart.

Why God? Why have you taken away all of my work? Why have you taken away my strength? 

All of these questions ran through my head as I dealt with the anger, confusion, and frustration. I felt more connected to these young mothers who must be feeling the same things. These young mothers are also in a place of confusion, fear, and waiting. Not knowing what will happen and questioning why this is a part of God’s plan. Not knowing how much love the Lord has for them, when their whole lives have flipped upside down in an instant and everything they had meticulously planned out for their lives might not be as seamless as they had planned. Our expectations and anxiety, our feelings that we have to hold ourselves to some impossible standard all crumble when the Truth of what Christ did for US on the cross is revealed. Jesus died for us so that we can be reborn. He took away those sins. And it is when we trust in Him and His plan that we are truly set free from the restrictions we put on ourselves. 

So, finally…I realized that God was presenting me with an opportunity. To LET GO and LET HIM take control.

It was only when I OFFERED UP my anxieties to Him that I finally felt at peace.

Lord, I do not know what you have in store but I know that it is far more beautiful than anything I can imagine. This injury is temporary but your love for me is eternal. I trust in you Lord. I TRUST in you.

He was telling me I needed to slow down and He led me to another beautiful form of service. 

Being on support crew. The practice ride from Madison, WI to Platteville, WI gave me a chance to take on a support crew role and prepare my heart for the new opportunity. I am humbled and excited to dive further into this role on the national ride.