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The National Ride

Transforming ourselves, encountering others and changing the culture.

Laying down

the miles.

Our 2021 missionaries are currently preparing for the National Ride this July 11-17. These 50 young people are committed to training and undertaking the spiritual task of sharing the beauty of life to raise awareness and financial support for America’s pregnancy resource centers. In July, our missionaries will ride to lay down 100+ miles each day for life. Will you pray for them and consider supporting their mission? Check out their missionary bios below!

2021 Rider & Support Crew Missionaries

Meet All 2021 Missionaries

Jerry Sharp

Hello Y'all, To my family and friends, even complete strangers, howdy! (How-do-you-do?) To any non-Texans,...

Sophia Mittman

Hello! My name is Sophia Mittman and I’m currently a junior at MIT (Massachusetts Institute...

Shea Pivnicka

Hi! My name is Shea Pivnicka and I'm so excited to be a Biking for...

Grace Berger

My name is Grace Berger and I am a second year missionary with Biking For...

Erin Sprenger

Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped by to learn about Biking for Babies! I...

Alex Becker

Hello! I'm Alex Becker from Port Washington Wisconsin. I am a seminarian for the Archdiocese...

Rhett Crismon

I am a first-year missionary with Biking for Babies. I am excited, not only to...

Nancy Streu

My name is Nancy Streu. I am a Civil Engineer in Iowa. This is my...

Biking A-Cross America: The Routes

Each July, missionaries bike almost 2,700 miles in seven days, sacrificing time away from their jobs, young children, spouses, and/or parents. The National Ride includes four teams beginning in Green Bay, Columbus, Natchez, and Holly, all comprised of young adults who strengthened their resolve to defend life through athletic and mental challenges. Their cross-country trek ends in St. Louis with our annual Celebration of Life event. Following a geographical path of the corpus of Christ from His Holy Wounds to His Sacred Heart, each year, we will carry this message of hope “a+cross” America to thousands who see us on the highways.

COVID-19 Update: In 2020, we pivoted from a cross-country ride to one lasting the same number of days and mileage within the state of Wisconsin. You can still check out our virtual events from each night as well as daily ride footage on our YouTube page.

2021 National Ride is July 11-17

Follow our journey a-cross America!

Each day of the ride our missionaries share their mileage, hearts and prayers for the unborn and the PRCs that serve their parents. 

2020 At-A-Glance

Relive The 2020 Ride
Missionaries Formed
Miles Ridden
PRC Partners
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