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Sophia Mittman

Hello! My name is Sophia Mittman and I’m currently a junior at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) studying Materials Science and Engineering. I also work as a research intern at Phoenix Tailings in Boston (a green mining technology start-up). Originally, though, I’m from sunny San Diego, CA, where I grew to love outdoor adventures with my family in the southwestern United States’ mountains and deserts!

Life is beautiful, and it pains me to think about the children who never got and who may never get the chance to run, giggle, play, and explore our wonderful planet. I’m joining Biking for Babies as a first-time rider because I don’t want to keep the news of hope that pregnancy resource centers provide for women in unplanned pregnancies to myself. In a tangible way, I want to help mothers and their families do what it takes to bring life into this world and raise a child, no matter their circumstance. By working toward and completing this ride, if I’m able to be a part of an organization that changes hearts and helps mothers choose life for their children so that they too can one day experience the joy of riding a bike, then I’m going to give it all I’ve got!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $3,333 | Raised: $7,436 | Progress: 223% | Updated: 10/01/2021