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Nancy Streu

My name is Nancy Streu. I am a Civil Engineer in Iowa. This is my third year with Biking for Babies. I have been part of the support crew as well as a rider, and I will be part of the support crew again this year. I am looking forward to embracing the joys and the struggles of spending a week navigating the roads, passing food/water to riders, washing clothes, organizing evening events, sacrificing sleep, and much, much more all to the spread the word about the importance of every human life.

I am a Biking for Babies missionary because every human life is valuable. I desire to help everyone around me to see and respect that. Not because it is what I believe, but because it is true. So much joy and goodness is present in every person. This joy and goodness start at the beginning of life, conception, therefore, we should support life as early as conception, whether planned or unplanned. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy especially need our support. They also need the support and resources that Pregnancy Resource Centers offer them when they have no one else to turn to. So many woman, each day, face a decision that will change their lives forever – whether or not to carry their pregnancy to full term. Will you help by supporting myself, Pregnancy Resource Centers, and Biking for Babies on this mission?

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $4,000 | Raised: $4,723 | Progress: 118% | Updated: 10/01/2021