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Molly Keane

My name is Molly Keane, I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2020 and am currently doing a year of service with Seton Teaching Fellows in the Bronx as a kindergarten teacher both for the academic day and teaching catechism after school during the El Camino program. The first ride I did with Biking for Babies was in 2019 on the Western route. I originally joined because another missionary asked me to fill a spot on the western route support team last minute. At the time I was unaware of exactly what a pregnancy resource center was, or what exactly the ride would be like, but my heart pulled me to say “yes”. Since my initial yes, I have learned so much about pregnancy resource centers and experienced and saw true sacrifice. In my role as support crew, I noticed how much of a Marian role I was filling during the week. Being able to wake up early, and serve the riders through smaller acts of service was so fruitful for me and the mission. I am returning this summer in hopes to make a lasting impact on a pregnancy resource center that helps change the current culture to one of life that upholds the dignity of all humans conception through natural death!

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $2,500 | Raised: $110 | Progress: 4% | Updated: 10/01/2021