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Melanie Salazar

Hi y’all! My name is Melanie Salazar, I am a devout Catholic, and I am from the great country of Texas! I am a senior in college studying Communication, Spanish, and Civic Engagement and will be finishing my degree this summer! YAY!

I got involved in the pro-life movement about 3 years ago when I learned what abortion is and how it hurts women. I found out there was a pro-life club at my university and was all in. I soon became the president of the group, though I was not ready I was willing, I gave God my “yes,” and He has continued to open up doors for me.

Since then I have joined the pro-life movement I have had different fellowship opportunities with Students For Life of America, Justice For All, and Texas Right to Life. I helped with efforts to confirm both Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. In 2020 I did a lot of canvassing efforts to encourage people to vote pro-life first. I continue to do testifying and lobbying efforts at my state’s capital. Currently, I am a certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist, a Student Spokesperson and Texas Intern for Students For Life of America, and a sidewalk advocate for the San Antonio Coalition For Life.

When I am not busy being a pro-life activist… I love roller skating! I love spending time with my wonderful boyfriend Jerry and my dog Manolo. I enjoy watching horror movies and discovering new anti-aging methods to take care of my skin. I absolutely love traveling and hope to study Spanish in Spain. Recently, I began tracking my fertility and my long term goal is to become a fertility awareness practitioner and coach.

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