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JM Justiniano

My name is JM Justiniano, it is my first year as a missionary rider for Biking for Babies! I was born and raised in a lukewarm Catholic family but I didn’t have my conversion as a fully practicing Catholic until March 2020. Since then, my heart has been burning to serve in the wildest ways, this being one of them!

My biggest why for joining Biking for Babies to build the confidence and courage in defending life; to be a voice and person of action for those who can’t. I hope to bring back this confidence and courage to help me swim against the current that’s here in Southern California.

I am an ICU nurse for 6 years and though I save lives towards the end of life, I realized saving lives in the beginning of life is what changes culture and generations, and I want to play a part in it; no matter how small.

Fundraising Progress

| | | Updated: 08/02/2022