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Jessica Weiss

Hello there, I am Jessica Weiss!

I am from a small town of about a thousand people called Fountain City, WI, which is located about an hour north of La Crosse, WI. I was raised on my family’s farm and am the second oldest of seven children. Family has always been very important to me, but now that I am older I have a greater appreciation for how pro-life my parents are and were in saying, ‘yes’ to having such a large family! I went to school at UW-Madison, where I was very involved in numerous extracurricular organizations from Habitat for Humanity to Students Today, Leaders Forever. These are examples of organizations that respectively, gave me a chance to literally build a better life for people and to do life changing work through community service projects in communities across America. I also attended a talk by Abby Johnson who was a Clinical Director for Planned Parenthood and resigned after witnessing and assisting in an abortion via ultrasound. She made powerful statements which compelled me to take a firmer stand and to promote a culture of life through conversations with peers and more education. After college, I worked as a Cardiovascular Critical Care Registered Nurse until the beginning of April.

Now, I am taking a break to prepare my heart, mind, and body for a rigorous accelerated medical school curriculum! Finally, through my husband and friends involved with Biking for Babies (B4B), I found a way to have a hand in directly supporting mothers struggling with the choice to abort their babies. Last year, I was honored to join the ride as Support Crew for the last day of the ride and saw firsthand the commitment, pain, and hard work of the riders. As a crew member, we helped to literally point the riders in the right direction and assisted with refueling by refilling water bottles and giving riders snacks to assist them on the arduous journey to end the over 600 miles of biking for the week! Through involvement with B4B’s I have learned how important the work of Pregnancy Resource Centers is to support all mothers through counseling and resources until their baby is four years old! B4B was the outlet that matched my interest in promoting women’s choices to make it realistic to keep their babies and also makes an active difference for Pregnancy Resource Centers. In free time, I enjoy spending time with family/friends, exploring the outdoors, exercising, and reading. Jerry and I are excited to be engaging in the B4B mission as a team, as husband and wife!

Fundraising Progress | | | Updated: 08/02/2022