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Jerry Weiss

I was born and raised Catholic in Reedsburg, WI in a family of 4 and played football and track throughout high school. I went to college at UW-Madison and majored in Biochemistry, Physics, and Chemistry, played semipro football, and was very involved in St. Paul’s Newman Center, which fostered an environment for me to grow tremendously in the Faith. I went on to work in the chemistry industry, do ministry at St. Paul’s, and discern the priesthood at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary. I then discerned out of the seminary and began preparing for a career in medicine. I worked as a phlebotomist and a researcher in pediatric oncology before beginning medical school at UW-School of Medicine and Public Health. I then married the woman of my dreams, Jessica, who consistently pushes me to be a better and more holy man.

I was inspired by Biking for Babies (B4B) and their work throughout college and always thought it would be a good idea to join the cause someday. That day came when I heard the discussions about abortion among my colleagues. I was very disappointed when hearing statements regarding the encouragement of abortion training and “normalization” of abortion itself, but this motivated me to finally take a stand for a belief that I have firmly held my entire life. I immediately called my good friend Kevin Biese to see how I could get involved. Life is precious, and the baby’s life and freedom is equally as important as the mother’s life and freedom. I had the opportunity to participate in the last day of the ride last year and was inspired by everybody’s Faith and conviction and commitment to life. Through my involvement with B4B, I hope to help spread the message for life, support pregnancy resource centers who encourage and support the dignity of life on so many levels for both the mother and her child, and be a witness in the medical community that life is a precious gift from God, not to be destroyed at any level of development. Jessi and I are excited to be engaging in the B4B mission as a team as husband and wife!

Fundraising Progress

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