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Jerry Sharp

Hello Y’all,

To my family and friends, even complete strangers, howdy! (How-do-you-do?)
To any non-Texans, yes, we really do say that, but I’ll teach you a new tex-ism: Y’all’s. It’s the plural of “You all” or “You guys” as in, it’s up to us to promote and foster the Culture of Life!
Y’all’s main mission is to help OUR mission of raising awareness and promoting our local pregnancy resource centers so that others can know about the loving resources that are available to them!
We’ve already won the life issue, now we need to promote and support those services, because there will still be unplanned pregnancies, our help is needed more than ever before
I like to go camping, hiking/exploring, swimming, and of course, you guessed it…cycling!
Let’s raise money for these life-affirming organizations!
Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

Fundraising Progress

| | | Updated: 08/02/2022