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Halie Weigel

h e l l o !
My name is Halie and I’m a young adult missionary for B4B. I love adventure, laughing, and living outside my comfort zone.
As an interior designer, I design the “indoors” for a living, but the outdoors is where I look for inspiration. In my free time I ride mountain and road bikes with friends and volunteer as a co-leader creating free outdoor group fitness workouts for the November Project. I believe that there is something about fitness and movement that grounds and humbles us. Especially in group settings, fitness brings out the fullness of our humanity as we explore our limitations, while also glorifying God.
On my journey as a missionary, I hope to be challenged; spiritually, physically, and mentally and I hope to deepen my relationship with Jesus.
As a recent confirmand in the Catholic church, my perspective on a lot of things, including the pro-life movement, has changed. I understand what a secular culture believes about individual rights, but what I’ve witnessed is that abortion is a cultural issue that is many layers deep. I now know that I am blessed to have seen the perspective of “both sides” because that gives me a unique frame of reference that not every Christian has. I’m riding for women who have gone through this, victims, and the hope that our culture will shift to a culture of life.

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