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Erin McCoy

Hey, guys!!! My name is Erin, and I am a lover of all things artsy, crafty, nerdy, as well as vinyl records, 1970s fashion, my family, friends, generally all the humans, and JESUS! I work as a Floral Designer and part time as the Director of Religious Education at my Parish. I first became passionate about the Pro-Life movement after attending the March for Life in Washington DC when I was in high school; but since then I haven’t been as ‘physically’ active in advocating for the unborn. Prayer and speech are one thing, but actually getting out there and doing something can often speak louder volumes. Last summer, in the middle of all the COVID craziness and uncertainty, I went to Mass at the Shrine to Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin (I was on pilgrimage with some friends). Attending that same Mass were many folks wearing bright yellow t-shirts that read in big, bold letters “Biking for Babies.” I didn’t talk with any of them then, but I always remembered the name thinking I’d look more into it sometime. Well, this year a few friends of mine told me more about what Biking for Babies is all about and the impact the program has across the country. I knew this was a God given opportunity to take action, physically serve this mission and those women that are struggling with unexpected pregnancies, and spread awareness about the sacredness and dignity of every human life. So here I am; and I am more than excited to serve as a missionary this summer

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $1,095 | Progress: 21% | Updated: 10/01/2021