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Brad Grobbel

Hello! My name is Brad Grobbel. I love God. I love people on fire for God. I love people promoting truth, especially the pro-life & pro-God message! I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Madison in Wisconsin, which means one day I’ll be a Catholic priest! I am extremely excited to be doing Biking for Babies for the first time ever this year.

Since I am studying to be a priest, I must make a confession: I am not a biker. So, either 1) I am insane for doing this, or 2) I am still insane, but knowing “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). On a physical note, there is no way I can bike 600 miles in one week. But, if I’ve learned anything these past 2 years in seminary, it’s that Christ wants me to surrender everything to Him, be all in, and be His vessel in any way possible to build up His church.

What does all this mean? It simply means that I am fully convinced that God’s ideas are better than mine. My many failed attempts at finding happiness on my own helps me realize that I can do nothing without Him (John 15:5). This may sound odd, but the more I give my life over to God, the more free and at peace I become. So, when the Holy Spirit guided a friend of mine to ask me if I wanted to ride 600 miles in a week and sacrifice my time, energy, and being for the sake of the other…how could I say no?! With Christ by me, I know I will thrive this week!

With all this in mind, I do have 3 specific reasons why I am riding:

1) I believe wholeheartedly that in order to win back peace and joy in this world, we need to reclaim back our God-given values in our society. God has life-saving messages for us that we need to talk about! This can only be done by the energetic efforts of faithful followers of Christ speaking about healing truths: like healthy marriages, the dignity of the human person, what loving the other really means, the detriment of contraceptives, and how we are all made for the transcendentals (truth, beauty, and goodness). Simply put, we were made for love, and I believe with all my heart that the Catholic faith and Jesus have the best answers in how to best do this and reclaim a culture of life again!

2) Before entering seminary, I remember hearing a still small voice telling me that I needed to go to seminary in order to form my heart closer to Christ’s heart. Though I’m not exactly sure what this means, I am trying to consecrate my heart to Jesus this year, (with the help of St. Margaret Mary!), and I believe the sacrificial nature of Biking for Babies will help me do so. Pray for me!

3) I love being a seminarian! I want to represent all Catholic seminarians, sisters and priests in saying that we love the creative pro-life initiative behind Biking for Babies. Religious need to be bold and out there with the people, showing the world that we care about them and their holiness, despite what the popular media might say. I hope to evangelize and be an advocate for religious vocations so more people can know that a life fully given to the Lord is joyful, happy, and beautiful!

I am thankful that the Diocese of Madison is allowing me to do this insane thing for the sake of building the kingdom. I am honored to help all the women and men out there that feel that there is no hope. Please pray for me, but most importantly pray for the success of Biking for Babies. Please donate to be part of this amazing cause. All proceeds will go to amazing causes for life! I am so happy to be supporting Pregnancy Resource Centers and all women in need of God’s healing mercy. God bless you all!


“When all love, all desire, all zeal, all impulse, our every thought, all that we live, that we speak, that we breathe will be God, then that unity the Father now has with the Son and the Son with the Father will fill our feelings and our understandings. Just as God has loved us with a sincere and pure and unbreakable love, so may we also be joined to him with an unending and inseparable love. Then we shall be united to this same God in such a way that whatever we breathe, whatever we think, whatever we speak may be God” –St. John Cassian

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