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Beth Knapinski

It is with great joy that I join Biking for Babies in 2021 as a first-year missionary rider. I’m from Neenah, Wisconsin, and work full time in Catholic school administration/advancement, as well as do marketing/PR consulting on the side, including with a local life-affirming medical clinic and support center.

Life is a gift – pure gift – and there is no cause greater than protecting, dignifying, and celebrating life.

In 2020, after following Biking for Babies online for a few years, I felt a yearning to do more in support of the mission, especially already being a road biker and pro-life advocate for years. God places opportunities in front of us throughout life – opportunities to grow in holiness, to serve others, to live more fully, and to share Truth – and the answer to joining Biking for Babies was, and daily continues to be, a wholehearted “yes”.

Yes to radiating the joy and abundance of life.
Yes to serving, making sacrifices, and taking on discomfort for others.
Yes to growing in personal holiness and sanctification, which in turn allows us to more fully and authentically speak life and dignity to others.
Yes to promoting Truth and extending mercy, grace, and goodness to those living in darkness, shame, or loss.
Yes to sharing the good news about the hope and impactful work of PRCs across the U.S.
Yes to transforming our culture to one that protects, dignifies, and celebrates all life.

It is with humility and with great joy that I say “yes” to being a 2021 Biking for Babies missionary rider and to joining dozens of others on the ride (and in solidarity with millions across the country) in this journey, in Him and for life.

Fundraising Progress

Goal: $5,000 | Raised: $6,244 | Progress: 124% | Updated: 10/01/2021