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Alex Bedinghaus

Alex Bedinghaus is an engineer with a passion for continuous improvement of all things. Originally from the “Show-Me” state, Alex has pursued his passion for designing awesome locomotive products, which has brought him to his now-home of Madison, Wisconsin. As a passionate Christian and cyclist, he was initially attracted to Biking for Babies out of the uncommon attraction to “getting to” spend 8+ hrs/day on a bicycle for a whole week straight! (…he’s not the smartest guy). However, as he went through his first year of fundraising and meeting with his partnered Pregnancy Resource Center (or “PRC”), a great desire to fight for the unborn and for this wonderful charitable cause was developed. Now a 3rd-year Missionary, Alex seeks to lead the Southern Route to greatness (i.e. a safe arrival in St Louis, and an open door to whatever the Holy Spirit wants from the ride!). Alex greatly appreciates any donation you could provide (as does his partnered PRC, the Women’s Care Center of Madison) and is excited to partner with YOU to build a Culture of Life!

Fundraising Progress

| | | Updated: 08/02/2022