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It’s What I Do

By Griffin Wacker, 2021 missionary (Support Crew on Southern Route)

Even though this is my fifth year having done Biking for Babies, all of which were done as support crew, I always have a hard time adequately describing what it is I do with this organization.

This picture sums it nicely, and has very quickly become my favorite. If our riders can offer up their pain and difficulties as a sacrifice to our Lord and as a show of solidarity with women in crisis pregnancies, then I can take the week to joyfully and selflessly serve my brothers and sisters in this mission.

Ten seconds to fill a water bottle. What’s two more seconds to take the time to put some ice in it; it’s hot in Mississippi after all. When they say “surprise me” when I ask them what kind of food they want after they just got done riding 100 miles, how lazy and thoughtless would I be if I just grabbed them a granola bar, that they’ve already had ten of today? Why not make peanut butter/nutella/banana sandwiches (they’re really delicious by the way)? The look of pure joy on their face would alone be worth it. Instead of just tossing their laundry in a pile before I go to bed, what’s five minutes to fold them and organize them according to whose they are?

And if a rider requests, even if jokingly, to be carried across the yard to the bathroom, so her socks don’t get wet, who am I to say no? Who am I to prevent the joy on that face from entering the world?

THIS is what I do with Biking for Babies. I serve, simply put. So riders, keep riding. Keep training, and get ready to fight your battles. Don’t worry about all the little things. That’s my job.