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I Saw God Today

Have you ever heard the country song by George Strait “I Saw God Today”?  If not, please go listen to it and wait as it transforms your life.  But if you have, then you will know exactly what I am talking about here.  Yesterday was Friday, and yesterday Nick and I went on a pretty frigid, very windy, not altogether fun ride with freezing hands.  Yesterday I was cold.

Today I went home to Sheboygan, WI (the Malibu of the Midwest) to make some Mass announcements at a couple home parishes… and today… I saw God.  If yesterday my heart was cold, it was nothing short of filled with fire today after seeing the passionate, welcoming, loving, and excited faces from a childhood growing up support you and more importantly the cause that you hope to stand for.  I cannot express how much the love I received today warmed my heart and reaffirmed everything Biking For Babies stands for.  Thank you so much to the faith communities of Immaculate Conception and St. Peter Claver parishes.  I love you all and now realize how blessed I truly am.

Driving home I saw one of those sunsets one can only see on a Hallmark card, the kind where the suns rays finally penetrate the dark clouds after what has seemed to be a day long fight, the kind where the light finally overcomes the dark…and it immediately reminded me of the song “I Saw God Today.”  The faces of love, handshakes of warm support, and smiles of encouragement I had seen come alive within all those people couldn’t make me think anything other than, “man I swear…I saw God today”.  The next song that came on the radio forced me to pull the car over and bask in the light that had finally overcome the dark, from a face, from a handshake…from a smile…”I Saw God Today.”

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