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Chris Massaro

Director of Mission Advancement

Greetings, Biking for Babies community! My name is Chris Massaro and I’m excited to be part of this amazing mission of transforming our culture into a culture of life. I grew up near Philadelphia, PA in a city named Coatesville. After high school I studied Physics at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and then pursued a Doctorate of Medical Physics from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Halfway through the doctoral program I decided to enter formation for the priesthood at St. Charles Seminary near Philadelphia. My love for prayer and uncovering the presence of God in my life lead me to leave the seminary in the spring of 2021. As I was leaving the seminary Biking for Babies was searching for a Director of Philanthropy, and it seemed like God’s providence was at work in the timing. As St. John Henry Newman says, “All your acts of providence are acts of love.” I believe that this opportunity to work with all of you is a gift of love from God and I’m incredibly grateful.

For enjoyment, I like to play all kinds of sports, especially basketball, although injuries have slowed me down in recent years. I also enjoy a nice ride on my road bike (I’ve never biked 700 miles in 7 days, though!). One of my favorite books is called Joan of Arc, by Mark Twain. The natural beauty of God’s creation often captivates me, especially the sunrise and the stars on a clear night. About eight years ago a friend of mine helped me step into a more active pro-life role and I’ve been doing so ever since. I look forward to meeting you and working with you as we proclaim the good news that Jesus has come to give us life in abundance!