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B4B Round 2…Begins!

We finished up our first day of riding today, covering the 132 miles or so between Cairo, Illinois’ southernmost city, and my house in Freeburg. Stacy was pressing hard all day on the pedals, dragging me along it seemed, especially on the uphill sections–which there were a lot of for a good portion of the ride.

Highlights to mention: A dead beaver the size of a platypus south of Cairo (we took a 3 mile detour to truly begin at the state line of Illinois and Kentucky), maxed out at somewhere between 45 and 50 miles per hour on a couple of separate occasions, great driving by John Paul and very great video making by Rose, 3 hecklers, a couple of signs of positive encouragement (special thanks to Rose for her great B4B sign we tacked onto the back of the car), great tailwind for a large portion of the day, my buddy Tim for joining us for the last 20 miles, great weather with a high in the upper 60s, sunny, and a great supper put on by my mom and dad when we arrived at home.

Tomorrow we start off with a mass and special blessing by my parish priest, Father Mark Reyling, then we roll out of Freeburg headed for Teutopolis, just east of Effingham where we’ll be met by the wonderful Brummer family. Weather is looking to be on the sour side with headwinds and rain. We’ll have to see!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed in any way so far! Keep us in your prayers and check out Rose’s great video covering Day 1!

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