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Aubrie Faust

About Aubrie

Hello, Biking for Babies website visitor! My name is Aubrie, and one of my life goals is to be a saint. When I daydream about what I want to be the patron saint of (which is probably much more often than an average person), being the patron saint of  pregnancy resource centers is definitely at the top of my list. 

Truthfully, I did not even know what a pregnancy resource center was until recently. My involvement with Biking for Babies has changed that, however. Through hearing about B4B from a friend and through a visit to a concentration camp in Germany, God put a call on my heart to join the Biking for Babies mission in 2019 as a support crew member. It was in this experience as a missionary that I was first introduced to the life-saving work of pregnancy resource centers and came realize just how important they are to the pro-life movement. God did so much good work in my life and in my heart through Biking for Babies that year that I decided to come back as a second year missionary in 2020 as a rider and route leader. I dedicated myself to training and offering up sacrifices along the way for the women and babies that I heard stories about from my pregnancy resource center partner. I prayed for their community. I advocated for my center and helped many people who too did not know about pregnancy resource centers to be informed of the services, resources, and hope that they offer to women who need that support to choose life for their child. 

I am so excited to move into the role of Director of Pregnancy Resource Center Relations in 2021 because I truly believe in the power of the centers that we partner with to change lives and save lives. I believe that pregnancy resource centers provide women the opportunity to make a choice out of hope instead of fear, and I want to continue fighting for that. I am excited to bring my dedication to this role (and continue striving for that patron saint status… and definitely striving for the ‘saint’ portion of that!) in order to amplify the voices and impact of pregnancy resource centers across the nation. 

I graduated from St. Norbert College in 2020 and am now a middle school social studies teacher in Wisconsin. I continue to ride on the National Ride each year and when I am not riding my beloved Bianchi Virata road bike or working out, I enjoy reading, dabbling in a plethora of different crafts, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and trying new foods!